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Guangxi Fusui Tang Mineral Materials Co., Ltd.

Address: Fuliang Village, Changping Town, Fusui County, Guangxi Province

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Company Profile

Company Profile

Guangxi Fusui Tang mineral materials limited liability company


Guangxi Fusui Tang mineral materials limited liability company (formerly Guangxi Fusui Changping building materials factory) in 1992 put into operation, the company is set mining, processing, marketing brand Vero wide Xi Weiluo Nai (ball clay) joint-stock enterprises, is the production of a wide Xi Weiluo Nai (ball clay) base. Now with the production of Vero wide licensing Xi Weiluo Nai (ball clay) powder 100,000 tons / year of capacity, with the ability to produce a wide Xi Weiluo Nai (ball clay) ore 200 thousand tons / year. In addition, the company also produces calcite powder.

The company is located in the "ASEAN export channel" - side (Nanning Friendship Gate) highway. 60 km from the capital of Nanning City, 150 kilometers from Qinzhou Port, 170 km away from Fangchenggang, 40 km from Nanning Wuxu International Airport, 10 kilometers from Hunan, Guangxi Fusui railway station, water can reach Guangzhou, Hong Kong.

The company covers an area of ​​200 acres. The company has Nai (ball clay) mineral rights 2 mines, reserves of 1.5 million tons, with mining rights calcite three mines, reserves of 500,000 tons. The company has abundant human resources and abundant mineral resources, the company has laid a good foundation for future development.


Guangxi Fusui Tang mineral materials limited liability company


Guang Xi Weiluo Nai Product Description

Guang Xi Weiluo Nai is a soft kaolin, also called soft refractory clay, ball clay is confirmed Vero Nai 1992 by the Chinese experts clay Chang-age discrimination, so it was also called Vero ball clay. Veronica Nai (ball clay) main chemical ingredient is SiO2 (silicon dioxide) content of 45.3 ~ 51.6%, Al2O3 (aluminum oxide) content of 26 ~ 36.8%, Fe2O3 (iron oxide) 0.65 ~ 2.2%, K2O + Na2O <1.5%. My company now supplies are premium products: Al2O3≥33%, Fe2O3 <1.5 refractoriness greater than 1700 ° C plasticity index> 28. Veronica Nai (ball clay) China is currently found in the best quality, purest quality soft refractory clay, Verona Nai (ball clay) with unique physical properties: plasticity, good liquidity, good combination , quality is very pure. The main mineral composition disordered kaolinite. Fine mineral particles, -2um <92%. So Veronica Nai (ball clay) is made of high quality refractories and ceramics (especially porcelain) preferred clay. Since Veronica Nai (ball clay) itself has a special excellent performance, it is reinforced plastic body, whitening, plasticized, enrichment, and functions to prevent the filler material precipitated coalesced, in some programs than the general kaolinite filler.

Veronica Nai (ball clay) currently used in the refractory industry is mainly used in: production of taphole gun mud, clay castable, gunning, combined with advanced refractory clay cannons mud additives and the like.

I produced Veronica Nai (ball clay) contain iron and other impurities is low, our company developed and produced by Veronica Nai (ball clay) products are used in: advanced refractory products, porcelain, ceramics, rubber fillers, plastic fillers and the like. Also you need to produce other products according to the special ball clay.

My company has its own raw material base for the development of rich, fine particles of processed products, -2um less than 90% for the domestic unique ultra-fine material. Different layers of the different crystalline forms make more extensive use of ball clay, effect more pronounced.