Guangxi Fusui County Shengtang Mineral Materials Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Fusui Tang mineral materials limited liability company (formerly Guangxi Fusui Changping building materials factory) in 1992 put into operation, the company is set mining, processing, marketing brand Vero wide Xi Weiluo Nai (ball clay) joint-stock enterprises, is the production of a wide Xi Weiluo Nai (ball clay) base. Now with the production of Vero wide licensing Xi Weiluo Nai (ball clay) powder 100,000 tons / year of capacity, with the ability to produce a wide Xi Weiluo Nai (ball clay) ore 200 thousand tons / year. In addition, the company also produces calcite powder.

The company is located in the "ASEAN export channel" - side (Nanning Friendship Gate) highway. 60 km from the capital of Nanning City, 150 kilometers from Qinzhou Port, 170 km away from Fangchenggang, 40 km from Nanning Wuxu International Airport, 10 kilometers from Hunan, Guangxi Fusui railway station, water can reach Guangzhou, Hong Kong.

The company covers an area of ​​200 acres. The company has Nai (ball clay) mineral rights 2 mines, reserves of 1.5 million tons, with mining rights calcite three mines, reserves of 500,000 tons. The company has abundant human resources and abundant mineral resources, the company has laid a good foundation for future development.



2 seat

White mud (ball clay) mine

1.5 million tons

Reserve capacity