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Ground calcium carbonate (calcite powder)

Guangxi Weiluo white clay is a kind of soft kaolin, which can also be called soft refractory clay. In 1992, Liu Changling, a Chinese clay expert, confirmed that Weiluo white clay is ball clay after screening in Fusui, Guangxi, so now some people call it Weiluo ball. clay. The main chemical composition of Vero white clay (ball clay) is SiO2 (silicon dioxide) content 45.3~51.6%, Al2O3 (aluminum oxide) content 26~36.8%, Fe2O3 (ferric oxide) 0.65~2.2%, K2O +Na2O<1.5%.

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Guangxi Vero White Clay white mud powder Calcite powder


Heavy calcium carbonate (calcite powder)


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Ground calcium carbonate (calcite powder)

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Heavy calcium carbonate (calcite)

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