Talking about the various forms of calcite

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For the majority of friends, Guangxi lysis stone can be described as: "hear more, see less". People often use a few single crystals as an example, so they call these indispensable minerals invisible to their existence. Nanning calcite can be described as a state of existence for us, whether it is successful or defeated, and the "otoliths" in the ears of many animals, including humans, in the ear bubbles are limestone crystals stacked with calcite. The main function of these crystals is to Feel the change in the center of gravity to adjust the balance of the body to maintain the movement of the creatures. Such an important mineralization of the human body will make us hate it if the location is different, just like the "mammary gland calcification" formed by the accumulation of calcite crystals in the mammary gland after the mineralization of the human mammary gland... In natural life, we often see some calcite microscopic Crystal aggregates, such as corals in the ocean, shells, mussels, snails in rivers, exoskeletons of living things, travertine attached to kettles.

Talking about the various forms of calcite

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