Chinalco started the first large-scale bauxite underground mining project in China

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The total investment is hundreds of millions of yuan, the annual mining of bauxite is 1.2 million tons, and the first phase of the first large-scale underground mining of bauxite with a service life of 14 years - the first underground mining project of Maochang mining area of ​​Chinalco Guizhou Branch 0-24 line There are 1330 rows of horizontal alleys in the sub-item, and construction officially started on May 14 in Liwa Township, Qingzhen City.

At present, the advantages of underground bauxite mining across the country are gradually emerging. It is against this background that the scale of underground mining in the Maochang mining area is the first in China. The construction period of the project is 3 years, and the construction will be undertaken by Yunnan No.4 Metallurgical Construction Group. The whole project roadway development and mining project has a total length of 33.764 kilometers and a total project volume of 375,000 cubic meters.

The project was invested and constructed by Aluminum Corporation of China. Qu Xiangdong, General Manager of China Aluminum Guizhou Branch, said at the commencement ceremony that this is an important step for China Aluminum Corporation to further occupy the increasingly tense bauxite resources, which will effectively promote the sustainable development of China Aluminum Guizhou enterprises. Sustainable development to promote the development and utilization of bauxite resources in Guizhou. Yang Mingjin, secretary of the Qingzhen Municipal Party Committee, said that he should go all out to support and cooperate with the construction of the project, and promote the timely completion and commissioning of the project.