Preliminary Construction of Credit System of Land and Mining Rights Market

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Not long ago, the China Association of Mining Rights Appraisers issued the "Measures for the Management of Integrity Archives of the China Mining Rights Appraisers Association". According to the "Measures", a complete integrity file of mineral rights appraisers will be gradually established, and file information will be disclosed to the public in accordance with relevant regulations. This means that there is one more entry point in the management of commercial bribery in the field of land and resources. 

Since the implementation of the "Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Market Integrity System in the Special Work of Combating Commercial Bribery" by the Central Leading Group for Combating Commercial Bribery, the Ministry of Land and Resources will promote the construction of the integrity system in the land market and mining rights market as the key to further promoting the governance of commercial bribery Links and important tasks, carefully planned, solid progress.

—— Actively build a market information disclosure mechanism. The Ministry of Land and Resources has always attached great importance to and committed to the public transfer of land, and has implemented the "six disclosures" system, including public transfer plans, public land parcel information, public transfer procedures, public collective decision-making, public bidding, and public transfer results, and has specially opened the Chinese land market. The Internet serves as a platform for releasing land market information. Beginning in 2004, a "Land Appraisal Institution and Personnel Practice Information Publicity System" has been established to promptly publicize the basic information and relevant practice conditions of registered institutions and practitioners to the public. Completed the online publicity of the basic information of mining rights appraisal agencies and appraisers, and initially realized the information disclosure of appraisal agencies and appraisers.

——Implement the unified numbering of mining rights. On the basis of the implementation of the national unified numbering of exploration rights in 2008, in 2009 the national unified system of mining rights was fully opened. In 2009, 77,410 mining rights licenses were assigned, including 22,233 prospecting rights, 54,732 mining rights and 445 geological survey certificates. After accepting the review and approving the registration of mining rights, the mining rights registration management agencies at all levels submit (record) mining rights registration data to the “National Mining Rights Unified Numbering System” through the Internet, and obtain the exploration license number or mining license uniformly distributed by the system. Certificate number. Through the unified assignment of mining rights, comprehensive and timely control of the setting of mining rights in the country, improve decision-making and service levels, facilitate convenient and quick inquiry of mining rights holders, and reduce costs and risks.

——Strengthen industry credit management. The Ministry of Land and Resources regards industry credit management as an important starting point for building a market credit system, and has carried out a series of targeted work. In the land appraisal industry, the "Hundred-Day Campaign to Strengthen Industry Integrity Construction and Purify the Land Appraisal Market" was organized and carried out, and a special clean-up of market-disrupting behaviors such as "spoofing decoupling", "false registration" and "false reporting" was carried out. Conduct quality spot checks on the recorded land valuation reports, and regularly announce the spot check results. Actively carry out the credit rating activities of land evaluation agencies. Since 2007, the credit rating of land appraisal agencies has been carried out. Strictly control the penalties for violations and strengthen the self-discipline management of the industry. At the end of 2009, 14 agencies and 34 land appraisers who violated regulations in the evaluation of major projects were criticized in a circular according to the "Measures for Penalties and Scores of Violations in the Land Valuation Industry", and those who violated serious regulations were given a 12-month suspension of evaluation qualifications. Penalties and deductions ranging from 3 to 12 points; deductions ranging from 3 to 12 points will be given to land appraisers who operate in violation of regulations, and those who have obtained senior membership will be disqualified from senior membership for 2 years. penalty. in the mining rights appraisal industry. Vigorously promote the construction of a self-discipline supervision system in the mining rights evaluation industry, formulate a series of rules and regulations, realize comprehensive recording, real-time monitoring and effective disclosure of information of appraisers and evaluation agencies, and increase self-discipline supervision. A telephone and email address for industry supervision and reporting has been specially set up, and a supervision and reporting column has been set up on the website of China Mining Rights Appraisers Association, providing a channel for various appraisal agencies to timely feedback bad behaviors in the industry.