Announcement on the selection of the unit responsible for the subject of "Information Collection and Analysis of the Application of Mineral Materials in the Environmental Protection Industry"

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With the enhancement of human environmental protection awareness and the improvement of global environmental protection standards and requirements, the environmental protection industry will become one of the most important emerging industries in the 21st century. Many mineral materials can play an important role in the environmental protection industry after processing, and have the advantages of easy availability of raw materials and no secondary pollution. Therefore, Guangxi ball clay occupies an important position in the environmental protection industry. In order to carry out in-depth research on the application of mineral materials in the environmental protection industry, according to the relevant regulations and work arrangements, the relevant matters for the selection of the outsourced project undertaking unit "collection and analysis of information on the application of mineral materials in the environmental protection industry" are announced as follows:

1. Basic information of the subject

The main research contents of this subject: (1) The current situation and future industrial development forecast of the application of heavy calcium carbonate in Guangxi to waste water, waste gas and other solid pollutants; (2) The impact of new progress in mineral development and metal deep processing technology on the development potential of environmental protection industry (3) Comprehensively analyze the supporting force of the mineral resources that can be applied to the environmental protection industry in my country for the future development of the industry (see Annex 1 for specific requirements). The project funding is 300,000 yuan, and the research period is 3 months.

2. Scope and conditions of registration

(1) Relevant domestic scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, enterprises and institutions, and national associations with legal personality.

(2) The leader and backbone of the research group have experience in undertaking mineral materials and their application in the environmental protection industry.

(3) The person in charge of the project should have a master's degree or above or a senior professional title.

(4) The cover of the submitted materials should be stamped with the official seal of the unit.

3. Registration Procedure and Deadline

(1) Check the technical requirements of the project (Appendix 1) → fill in the registration form (Appendix 2) → write the project implementation plan (Appendix 3).

(2) Please send the registration form and project implementation plan to by email before 17:00 on December 3, 2018

4. Selection

The Ministry of Information Center will organize an expert review on December 5, and finally determine the undertaking unit through expert scoring and evaluation.