Imported ore market is relatively stable

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The international iron ore market has a lot of troubles The ban on iron ore exports will mean that India's ore exports will remain at a low level, which to a certain extent enhances the expectation of a shortage of international iron ore supplies next year, or will force Chinese steel mills to accept higher raw material costs. Today's 63.5 Indian powder outer disk quotation is at 166-169 US dollars / dry ton. Today's imported iron ore spot market: Tianjin Port [8.68 0.35%] 63.5% Indian fine ore price is 1250 yuan/wet ton, 62% PB fine ore price is 1190 yuan/wet ton; Qingdao Port 62% PB fine ore price is 1190 yuan / Wet ton; 62% Indian fine ore at 1180 yuan/wet ton; 59% Indian fine ore at 1010 yuan/wet ton, 65% Brazilian coarse meal at 1350 yuan/wet ton, 67% Brazilian fine powder at 1370 yuan / Wet ton, 56-57% Lobu River powder 1010 yuan / wet ton, Rizhao Port [4.14 0.24%] 62% Indian fine ore 1180 yuan / wet ton, 61% Indian fine ore 1130 yuan / wet ton, 58% YANDI powder At RMB 1110/wet ton, 62% of Australian lump ore was priced at RMB 1340/wet ton.

Domestic Iron Ore Market The purchase price of powder is 1250 yuan/ton, the price of Jianping 66% wet base iron powder (excluding tax) is 990-1000 yuan/ton; the purchase price of 66% iron powder in Jinxi is 1350 yuan/ton, and the price of Chengde 66% (dry basis) The market price of iron powder is 1290-1310 yuan / ton (tax included, spot exchange).

Today, the iron powder market in East China is generally stable, and the transaction in some areas has dropped slightly. Most of the steel mills still did not accept the price increase request of some large mines in Shandong in the early stage, and the two sides are in a tense confrontation. At present, the market price of 65% iron concentrate in Tai'an is 1050-1060 yuan/ton (wet basis, excluding tax), and the market price of 65% iron concentrate in Huoqiu area is 1105 yuan/ton (dry basis, excluding tax).

Today, the market price in the central and southern regions remains stable. Daye 64% acid powder is 1240-1260 yuan/ton (tax included, dry basis), and Jingmen 65% acid powder is 930-950 yuan/ton (tax excluded, wet basis). The situation of tight resources has not been broken, and it is expected to remain strong in the short term.

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