The reserves of xiuwu mine are under dynamic supervision

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The bureau of land and resources of xiuwu county, henan province has established and improved the reserve ledger, effectively strengthened the dynamic detection, supervision and management of reserves of mining enterprises, promoted the rational development and utilization of mineral resources, and improved the utilization rate of resources.

Carry out regular dynamic detection of reserves. The county requires all mining enterprises to sign contracts for dynamic detection of reserves with qualified geological survey institutions in strict accordance with relevant regulations, and specify the person in charge. The mine geological survey institutions shall help enterprises to set up standing books for the exploitation of reserves of resources, improve the archives of mine geology and technology, make annual measurements of the exploitation of reserves of mines in the county, and submit the annual report on the dynamic detection of reserves of mines to the county department of land and resources on time. The bureau according to the daily supervision and detection results to verify that the actual data and mining right registration certificate data is consistent, mining right person's actual activity scope is in the mining right registration certificate indicated within the scope of space, mining right of the actual space scope and other mining rights have overlapping, overlapping and so on. Those who fail to submit the data in accordance with the regulations or seriously misstate the data, or do not participate in the annual inspection without reason, will be fined in accordance with the relevant provisions of the measures for the registration and administration of mineral resources exploitation; If an act of mining beyond the boundaries is discovered in the course of dynamic monitoring, it shall be immediately ordered to return to mining within the limits of the mining area, two consecutive discoveries shall be made, and its mining license shall be revoked.

We will put on record the annual plan for producing reserves of mines. Before January 1 of each year, mining enterprises shall apply for the record of drawing plans, plans of mining projects, calculation plans of reserves and other relevant data for the next year, and the county bureau of land and resources shall complete the examination and filing of drawing plans of reserves according to relevant regulations.

We will strengthen oversight and management. The county has set up a leading group for dynamic detection of mineral reserves, strengthened the organization, supervision and inspection of dynamic monitoring and management of mineral reserves, established and improved a system for dynamic supervision and management of mineral reserves, and exercised dynamic supervision and management of mineral reserves used and consumed by mining enterprises in the county.

Illegal mining activities will be severely investigated and punished. In recent years, the county has organized law enforcement personnel from departments of land, public security, courts, safety supervision and industry and commerce to carry out large-scale joint law enforcement actions for many times, banning more than 150 small iron ore mines without licenses, more than 20 white gangue Wells, 8 yearling mines, 9 unlicensed limestone kilns, 10 unlicensed stone factories and more than 50 unlicensed stone quarries.