Party branch secretary, union President Chen guixue, office director li haijuan, league branch secretary du minhua deep into the

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The middle and senior leaders of Shengtang Company care about and sympathize with the employees. They often go to the employees and the production line to listen to the voices of the employees and work together with the employees. The picture shows the scene of the company's general manager Li Shengcai, deputy general manager Li Shengwu, and production director Li Shenglong working together with the workers in the homogenization workshop; the picture shows the company's general manager Li Shengcai and the party branch secretary and trade union chairman Chen Guixue using the rest time at night to arrive at the Old employees and party members Huang Chuanbin and Li Youdao offered condolences at home, listened to their voices and opinions, and sent them condolences and money;


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Silvero White Clay


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