Notice on taking comprehensive measures to control the mining and production of refractory clay fluorspar

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The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, all ministries and commissions of the State Council, and all institutions directly under the Central Government:

Fireclay and fluorite are valuable resources that are exhaustable and non-renewable. In recent years, some enterprises have excessively exploited and processed refractory clay and fluorite, resulting in a rapid decline in resource reserves and serious environmental pollution. In order to fully implement the scientific concept of development and protect resources and the environment, it is necessary to take comprehensive measures in mining, production planning management, taxation, environmental protection, industrial access, export management, etc., to control and reduce the amount of refractory clay and fluorite mining and Production. With the approval of the State Council, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Implementing the total amount of mining and production limits

The double total control of mining and production is implemented for refractory clay and fluorite, which reduces the mining and production volume year by year. The Ministry of Land and Resources has issued refractory clay (high alumina clay minerals) and fluorite annual total mining control indicators and regional annual mining total control indicators, and the provincial (regional, municipal) land and resources management departments are responsible for decomposing the relevant mining total control indicators It is issued to the corresponding mining enterprises; the National Development and Reform Commission has studied and put forward a mandatory plan for the total annual production, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued a regional annual production mandatory plan, and the competent departments of industry and information technology of each province (autonomous region and city) are responsible for Relevant production directive plans are issued to the corresponding production enterprises. All relevant departments should do a good job in the connection between mining control indicators and production directive plans. Provincial (autonomous regions, municipalities) development and reform commissions, industry and information technology departments, and land and resources management departments report the implementation results of the previous year's mandatory plans and control indicators to the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Land and Resources, respectively. .

2. Strictly control new mining production capacity

From the date of issuance of this notice, the land and resources management department will, in principle, no longer accept applications for the exploration and mining registration of new refractory clay (high alumina clay minerals) and fluorite. It is necessary to strengthen the management and rectification of the mining order of refractory clay (high alumina clay minerals) and fluorite resources, eliminate mining enterprises that damage resources, pollute the environment, unreasonable layout, fail to meet safety production conditions, and have backward technology, and ban unlicensed mining according to law . For construction projects that do not meet the national industrial policies and market access conditions, the land, planning, construction, environmental protection and safety production supervision departments will not go through relevant procedures.

3. Actively promote the adjustment of industrial structure

All regions and departments should formulate specific measures to support the environmental protection and energy-saving transformation of refractory clay and fluorite enterprises, promote high-efficiency, low-energy-consumption, environmentally friendly new technologies and new processes, and promote industrial restructuring. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in conjunction with relevant departments, should formulate and issue access standards for the refractory clay and fluorite industries, strictly enforce requirements in terms of scale, technology, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and environmental protection, and eliminate outdated production capacity. All regions should strengthen access management in strict accordance with access conditions, prevent blind investment, and eliminate backward production capacity with low technological level and serious pollution within the prescribed time limit. Industry access standards will be released and implemented on March 1, 2010.

4. Effective implementation of export measures

While reducing the mining and production volumes of refractory clay (high alumina clay minerals) and fluorite, it is necessary to continue to use existing export measures, and to implement mining and production restrictions and trade management measures on the premise of taking into account the reasonable demands of the international market. balance. The customs should step up efforts to combat smuggling and ensure that relevant export measures are implemented.

5. Raising the resource tax rate

In order to effectively reduce the mining volume of refractory clay and fluorspar, reasonably guide market demand, and protect the ecological environment, the resource tax rate of refractory clay and fluorspar is raised. The adjustment of the specific tax amount standard shall be determined separately by the Ministry of Finance in consultation with relevant departments within the tax amount range of the current interim regulations on resource tax.

6. Strengthening environmental supervision

Local environmental protection departments should formulate regulations on strengthening the environmental protection supervision of refractory clay and fluorite according to the law, include refractory clay and fluorite related enterprises in the list of key monitoring enterprises, further strengthen law enforcement, and increase the environmental protection status of refractory clay and fluorite mining and production enterprises. supervision, inspection and evaluation, strengthen the supervision of tailings disposal, and report the relevant supervision and inspection situation to the environmental protection department of the higher government in a timely manner. Refractory clay and fluorite mining and production enterprises that exceed the pollutant discharge standards or cause serious environmental pollution shall be ordered to treat within a time limit in accordance with the law; units that fail to complete the treatment task within the time limit shall be reported to the local government and ordered to suspend business or close down according to law.

Seven, strengthen information guidance

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Land and Resources, together with industry associations and other units, should strengthen research on the changes in the refractory clay and fluorite markets at home and abroad, release market information in a timely and accurate manner, and correctly guide the investment, mining and development of refractory clay and fluorite. Production, guide enterprises to implement national industrial policies, promote the use of advanced and applicable technologies, and improve competitiveness.

Eight, strengthen supervision and inspection

All regions and relevant departments should strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure that the above-mentioned policies and measures are in place. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Land and Resources of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) whose mining and production volume exceeds the total control targets or mandatory plans issued in the year will issue circulars of criticism, and double the reduction for the next year. total control indicators or mandatory plans.