Notice of the Ministry of Land and Resources on Strengthening the Supervision and Management of Mine Geological Environment Governance Projects

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The departments of land and resources of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government (Departments of Land and Environmental Resources, Bureau of Land and Resources, Administration of Land, Resources and Housing, Administration of Planning and Land and Resources), administrative departments of land and resources of cities under separate state planning, and all relevant units:  

The governance of mine geological environment has been highly valued by governments at all levels and relevant departments. In recent years, the special funds allocated by the central government for the treatment of the geological environment of mines have increased year by year in the prices and royalties of exploration and mining rights, which has led to a gradual increase in local financial investment at all levels, and remarkable results have been achieved in the management of the geological environment of mines. In order to standardize the management of mine geological environment management projects supported by the central government and ensure the implementation effect, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Establish a system and standardize management

The competent departments of land and resources at all levels should earnestly perform the responsibilities of mine geological environment protection, attach great importance to the governance of mine geological environment, and strengthen the supervision and management of governance projects. For projects approved for governance, a management system should be established to standardize management.

(1) Clarify project tasks and do a good job in project design. After the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Land and Resources have issued the approval documents for the annual mine geological environment management project, the provincial land and resources department shall issue a project task statement to each project undertaking unit in a timely manner, specifying the project objectives and tasks, the main physical workload, and the construction period and time limit. The project undertaking unit should entrust a qualified unit to prepare the project design according to the project task statement, and report it to the provincial land and resources department for review and approval.

(2) Standardize bidding management and accept public supervision. The project undertaking unit shall determine the project design, construction and supervision unit in strict accordance with the bidding management regulations. From the central financial support project issued in December 2009, the design, construction and supervision unit of the governance project shall have corresponding qualifications for the design, construction and supervision of geological disaster prevention and control projects.

Before starting construction, the undertaking unit shall set up a public notice board in the project area to announce the project name, approval department, amount of funds, undertaking unit, construction period, comparison chart of the status quo of the project area and governance effect, and the basic information of the project such as design, construction, and supervision units. subject to public scrutiny.

(3) Strict project acceptance to ensure project quality. The project should be completed within the specified implementation period. After completion, the undertaking unit shall submit an application for acceptance to the provincial land and resources department in time. For acceptance, the following information should be submitted:

  1. Project approval documents and assignments;

  2. Approved project design;

3. Project bid winning notice and contract;

4. Copies of the corresponding qualifications of the project participating units;

5. Commencement report, construction log, project completion drawing, construction summary;

6. Project supervision report;

7. Construction quality assessment and acceptance assessment form;

8. Major quality accident handling data;

9. Project achievement database (including project-related image and picture data);

10. Copies of project progress payment vouchers and their summary tables, project cost adjustment documents and their approval opinions, project final accounts and audit reports;

11. Opinions of the undertaking unit on the acceptance of the project;

12. Other relevant documents that must be provided.

2. Strengthen supervision and focus on results

(1) Do a good job in inspections and spot checks to keep track of the progress of the project. The provincial land and resources department shall inspect the mine geological environment management projects implemented within its jurisdiction at least once a year, and urge the undertaking units to strictly follow the project design, ensure the quality of the project and complete it within the specified time. If the inspection finds that there are violations such as misappropriation of funds, failure to accept inspections on time, and project quality that does not meet the standards, it shall promptly put forward handling opinions and rectify within a time limit. The Ministry will organize irregular random inspections of mining geological environment management projects in various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) every year.

(2) Regularly report progress and summarize experience in a timely manner. Land and resources departments at all levels should regularly report the progress of mine geological environment governance projects within their respective jurisdictions to higher-level land and resources departments, and promptly summarize experiences and lessons learned during project implementation. The provincial competent department of land and resources shall report the implementation of the mine geological environment management project within its jurisdiction to the Ministry before the end of December each year. The main contents are as follows:

1. Projects approved by the central government over the years and their progress: the total number of projects approved since 2001 and the number of projects that have completed acceptance; the projects approved year by year since 2001 and the status of acceptance; Opinion.

2. Projects approved by local governments and their progress over the years: The number of projects, the amount of funds and the results achieved by the local governments below the provincial level over the years have been approved and funded to carry out mine geological environment treatment projects.

3. Project inspection summary of this year: The inspection of mine geological environment management projects carried out this year.

4. System construction: the introduction and implementation of the project management system.

5. Problems and handling opinions: Summarize the problems existing in the project implementation and put forward handling opinions.

The Ministry will conduct spot checks on key areas and key projects in conjunction with relevant departments based on the progress of the mine geological environment governance work in each province (autonomous region, municipality), and regularly publish the results on departmental websites and public media, and submit them to the public for supervision. Once the problems reported by the masses or the media are verified, or the project management system is not implemented, and the inspection and rectification work is not effective, the provincial land and resources department will be required to rectify for one year and submit a rectification report. If the rectification is not in place, the declaration of its central financial support projects will be suspended.

3. Summarize the results and strengthen publicity

After the acceptance of the project supported by the central government is completed, each project undertaking unit shall submit the result data to the provincial competent land and resources department for reference in a timely manner. The competent departments of land and resources of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) shall summarize the data such as the database of project results over the years and report to the department in a timely manner. Increase the publicity of the project's governance effect, and publicize the results of the mine geological environment governance project on TV, radio, newspapers and other media by publishing atlas, holding exhibitions, etc., to strive for the understanding of the mine geological environmental protection work from all walks of life and support.

For the mine geological environment governance projects supported by local finance at the provincial level and below, all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) should refer to the requirements of this notice to establish a system, strengthen supervision, standardize management, and ensure the effect of implementation.

December 31, 2009