Chinalco is expected to mine rare rare earth minerals with Qingyuan

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A few days ago, Ren Xudong, deputy general manager of Aluminum Corporation of China, member of the party group and president of China Rare Rare Earth Co., Ltd., led the research team of Aluminum Corporation of China to Qingyuan for investigation. He Binghua, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Wen Jingchao, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, met with the research team at the Municipal Government. Ren Xudong said that Chinalco hopes to cooperate with Qingyuan in rare rare earths.

The person in charge of the Qingyuan Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources introduced the general situation of Qingyuan's mineral resources and rare earths to the research team. In terms of non-metal development, wollastonite, marble and dolomite have the largest resources, and the development prospects are very promising. In terms of rare earth resources, granite weathering and leaching type medium and heavy ion rare earth resources are widely distributed, and it is one of the four main rare earth distribution areas in the country. According to the latest provincial second round of mineral resources planning, Qingyuan City will set up a rare earth mining right, with an annual output of 1,000 tons of rare earth oxides in 2015.