Giving Back to Society

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The success of Shengtang Company is inseparable from the care and support of party committees and governments at all levels, as well as functional departments, units, leaders, and the common people. Therefore, Shengtang Company has not forgotten to give back to the society, including:


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1. In June 2011, Shengtang Company invested 76,000 yuan to assist the rural drinking water project, which solved the problem of drinking water in Hongjian Village, Changping Township;

2. In June 2011, Shengtang Company invested 10,000 yuan to support the road construction in Fuliang Village;

3. In 2011, all employees of Shengtang Company donated money to Li Xingguo, an employee who underwent surgery due to a traffic accident, with a cumulative amount of 12,100 yuan;

4. To support the development of cultural and sports activities in Changping Township, Shengtang Company contributed 10,000 yuan of activity funds to support the Changping Township Government Sweet Cup Basketball Game and the Party Building Red Song Competition;

5. Shengtang Company provided 2,000 yuan of funds to support Fusui Environmental Protection Bureau to carry out low-carbon environmental protection work;

6. Shengtang Company provided 8,000 yuan of activity funds to support the Spring Festival entertainment activities in Changping Township;

7. Shengtang Company provided 2,000 yuan of funds to support the Middle East People's Government to support the standardized construction of tun-level organizations;

8. Shengtang Company provided 10,000 yuan to support the cement hardening construction project of Long Deng Road;

9. Shengtang Company provided 5,000 yuan to support Longdengtun to build a hardened road from Longyang to Longdengtun;

10. Shengtang Company donated 50 sets of office desks and chairs worth 10,000 yuan to Shili Village Committee of Changping Township;

11. Shengtang Company has gone out for forklifts many times to help the Shuangjia Civilization New Village of Balian Village to level the basketball court land;

12. Help Changping Society, Lianhao, Balian, Zhonghua and other villages to repair village roads and sugarcane roads for more than 30 kilometers;

13. In order to complete the national inspection work of "two basics" in our township, Shengtang Company provided 20 tons of cement for the maintenance of school buildings in village-level primary schools;

14. Shengtang Company provided 1,000 yuan to Changping Middle School for the purchase of books in the library;

15. In 2010, in the "A glass of clean water, a piece of love" activity held by the Fusui County Government, Shengtang Company raised a donation of 50,000 yuan;

16. The village-level roads in Longyangtun and Cenlintun in Sihe Village, Shili Village, Changping Township were hardened, and Shengtang Company provided 25 tons of cement as sponsorship;

17. The company has recruited more than 50 poor households and migrant workers from nearby villages to work in the factory, which has been well received;

18. In May 2008, Shengtang Company provided assistance for Wenchuan post-disaster reconstruction and donated 5,000 yuan.

19. Shengtang Company supported the work of “beautiful Guangxi and clean villages”, and dispatched forklifts to communities and villages to participate in cleaning activities.