Heilongjiang Department formulates new mechanism and safeguard measures for geological prospecting

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Recently, the Department of Land and Resources of Heilongjiang Province held a special meeting to formulate specific measures to comprehensively promote the new mechanism of geological prospecting in order to implement the spirit of the symposium of the Ministry of Land and Resources to comprehensively promote the new mechanism of geological prospecting.

The meeting reviewed and summarized the results of geological prospecting during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan". Since 2006, the provincial government has issued a series of policy documents, and has invested nearly 2.5 billion yuan in geological prospecting. It has found hundreds of thousands of abnormal single elements and tens of thousands of multi-element combinations, and more than 30 mineral fields. These achievements are an important foundation and basis for implementing the "358" goals.

The meeting implemented the first responsible person system for geological prospecting. The Heilongjiang Department will earnestly shoulder the responsibility of the first responsible person, and actively coordinate and make overall arrangements for the province's geological exploration projects. At the same time, communicate and coordinate with relevant provincial departments to revise and improve the Interim Measures for the Management of Prospecting Rights and Mining Rights Price Income.

The meeting implemented the key link of the new mechanism of geological prospecting. The Heilongjiang Department will continue to increase investment in basic public welfare geological work, and use the idle funds of state-owned geological exploration units to improve the level of basic geological work in the province. In terms of mining administration management and services, clean up and ban unreasonable mining rights; standardize and rectify the mining rights market, establish information sharing, and strengthen communication; strengthen the construction of a supervisory integrity system for geological exploration activities; carry out geological prospecting in the province's geological exploration system. Create First" activity.


The meeting proposed a series of safeguard measures to establish and improve a new mechanism for geological prospecting. The Heilongjiang Department will issue the "Administrative Measures for Integrated Exploration" to make unified planning and deployment of the province's geological exploration work; issue the "Regulations on the Management of Cooperation between State-owned Exploration Projects and Social Funds" to standardize capital introduction channels and cooperative exploration behavior; Exploration Units Undertake Exploration Project Capability Assessment Rules”, strengthen the capacity building of geological exploration teams; establish provincial geological exploration fund management centers, special management fund projects; establish geological exploration units’ business integrity files.