Hubei has a large-scale rare earth mine with the second largest niobium content in the world

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The reporter obtained confirmation from the Hubei Provincial Department of Land and Resources that large-scale rare earth deposits were newly discovered in Longba Town, Zhuxi County, Shiyan City, the province. After a week-long field investigation, the geological expert team has preliminarily determined that there are very rich rare earth resources under the Laoyin Mountains in Zhuxi.

At present, the expert group is testing and locating the composition, structure, quality and reserves of rare earth minerals and other indicators, and said that the forest resources, water energy resources and mineral resources in the region are very rich, especially slate, coal, marble, etc. , phosphorus and limestone reserves are considerable.

Previously, 12 rare earth mines were also discovered in Zhushan County, which is also under the jurisdiction of Shiyan City, and there were 2 deposits with large-scale development. Among them, the Miaoya "niobium-rare earth" mine in Desheng Town, Zhushan County, confirmed by the Hubei Provincial Land Reserve Committee, is the second largest niobium mine in the world in terms of niobium element, second only to niobium in Brazil. It is reported that the world's largest ferroniobium supplier, Brazil's CBMM Mining Company, produces 60,000 tons of niobium annually.