The overall planning of mineral resources in Hangzhou took the lead in passing the expert review

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On December 9, 2010, the Provincial Department of Land and Resources organized a planning review expert group to hold a review meeting of the "Hangzhou City Mineral Resources Master Plan (2010-2015" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") in Hangzhou. Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Geological Exploration Qiu Hongkun Director, Deputy Director Yu Kangchun, Xu Chunxi, Inspector of the Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources, representatives of relevant functional departments of the Municipal Government such as the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Economic Commission and other relevant functional departments of the Municipal Government and the heads of the city and county Geology and Mines Division (section) attended the meeting.

On the basis of fully affirming the effectiveness of the previous round of "Planning", the person in charge of the "Planning" compilation project introduced the basic situation of the current round of "Planning" compilation, and discussed the division of the three areas of the plan, the control of various indicators, and ecological environmental protection. Explained, and also gave a detailed introduction to the innovation point of this round of "Planning" "Integrated Mining Area". The integral mining area is based on the comprehensive utilization of future mining areas. On the basis of scientifically delimiting the scope of the mining area, the scope of The mountain within the area will be flattened as a whole according to a reasonable elevation. While obtaining mineral resources, it will completely eliminate various ecological environments after the mine is closed, and at the same time realize the transformation and utilization of resources in the mining area. The person in charge of the Mineral Resources Department of the Municipal Bureau made a supplementary explanation on the organization and implementation of the "Planning" and soliciting opinions from various departments.

Experts at the meeting fully demonstrated the "Plan" from different fields such as geological exploration, mineral development, environmental protection, and safety production, and put forward targeted revision opinions. Representatives of various functional departments of the municipal government, combined with their own work, put forward different suggestions on the connection between the "Planning" and the work of various departments and the actual operation. After discussion, the expert group unanimously agreed to pass the review, and the "Hangzhou Mineral Resources Master Plan (2011-2015)" became the first plan in the province to pass the expert review.

Xu Chunxi, the inspector of the Municipal Bureau, expressed his welcome and gratitude to the leaders, experts and representatives of relevant units participating in the meeting, and put forward specific requirements for the next stage of work. The opinions put forward should be revised and improved as soon as possible; the second is that the Minerals Department of the Municipal Bureau should continue to do a good job in communication with relevant units and the Geology and Minerals Departments of all counties (cities and cities), and timely feedback the relevant situation to the compilation unit. Qiu Hongkun, deputy director of the Geological Exploration Office of the Provincial Department of Land and Resources, finally emphasized that the "Hangzhou City Mineral Resources Master Plan (2010-2015"), as the first municipal plan in the province to pass the expert review in this round, was planned in advance and closely organized by the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau. As a result, the "Plan" has basically completed all the expected goals in accordance with the relevant regulations. The project responsible unit must carefully absorb the opinions and suggestions of the review meeting, and hurry to improve the draft for approval. On the basis of the successful completion of the "Plan" for approval, the municipal bureau should Focus on putting forward specific implementation opinions on the implementation of the "Plan".