Vice Governor Tian Chengzhong went to Yichang to investigate the development and utilization of mineral resources

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From December 7th to 9th, Vice Governor Tian Chengzhong led the heads of relevant provincial departments, accompanied by relevant leaders of Yichang City, Changyang County and Yiling District, to discuss the current status of mineral resources development and management, mineral resources deep processing industry layout and The situation of development planning, mining development and coordinated development of regional economy has been investigated. During the investigation period, Tian Chengzhong went to Changyang Mengmeng Manganese Mine, Yichang Huaxi Phosphate Mine, Yichang Liushugou Phosphate Mine, Yinjiaping Phosphate Mine Inspection Station in Zhangcunping Town, Yiling District, as well as Sanxin Mining Silica Deep Processing Project in Yichang Development Zone, Yihua Group Phosphate Mine Deep Processing The project and Xingfa Group Fine Chemical Park, have cordial conversations with grass-roots cadres, entrepreneurs, and local miners to learn about the mining process and resource utilization, the status and development direction of phosphate rock and silica ore fine processing projects, and the coordination of mining areas and new rural construction development, etc.

After inquiring in detail about the mining and processing of Changyang Monte manganese ore, Tian Chengzhong suggested that enterprises make full use of both domestic and foreign markets, and on the existing basis, make use of scientific and technological progress to increase the utilization of low-grade manganese ore; The department should strengthen the management of manganese ore resources and insist on allocating limited resources to advantageous enterprises.

In the Yichang Phosphate Mine Area, Vice Governor Tian Chengzhong inspected the monitoring room of Yichang Huaxi Phosphate Mine Mining, and went deep into the underground to inspect the mining site. At the same time, he learned about the integration of phosphate mines of Yichang Liushugou Mining Company and the construction of new rural areas through mining. He pointed out that the practices of production management, development and integration and coordinated development of mining communities in Yichang Phosphate Mine are worth learning from all over the world.

After listening to the report of the Yiling District Government at the Yinjiaping Phosphate Mine Inspection Station in Zhangcunping Town, Yiling District, Tian Chengzhong, the Vice Governor of Yiling District, affirmed the practice of monitoring the whole process of phosphate mines in the district, and demanded that the system be further improved and management be strengthened.

After the report of the principals of Yichang Development Zone, Sanxin Mining, Yihua Group and Xingfa Group, Vice Governor Tian Chengzhong pointed out that the development of Yichang enterprises in recent years has relied on scientific and technological progress and technological innovation. The direction remains unwavering, while taking into account the interests of all parties, and driving the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the regional economy.

After listening to the report on the development and utilization of mineral resources in Yichang City, Tian Chengzhong said that mineral resources are both indispensable and non-renewable. They are of strategic significance to the development of the entire economy and society. Comprehensive, scientific and strict methods must be used to manage mineral resources. . As an important area with rich mineral resources in the province, Yichang has a set of effective methods for mineral resources management. The five measures formed in the work, such as scientific planning, perfecting systems, integrating resources, standardizing management, and whole-process supervision, are practical. To promote in the province, vigorously promote.

In response to the problems of extensive development and utilization methods and low resource utilization efficiency that commonly exist in the exploration and development of mineral resources in Hubei, Tian Chengzhong pointed out that the provincial party committee and government attach great importance to the management of mineral resources exploration and development in our province, and issued the "On Further Strengthening the Exploration of Mineral Resources". Opinions on Development and Management", which has made strategic arrangements for the management of mineral resources exploration and development in the province. For a period of time in the future, in accordance with the requirements of the "Opinions", we will increase public welfare prospecting efforts, build a geological prospecting investment and financing platform, and enhance the ability to secure important mineral resources; implement a provincial-level mineral reserve system, and promote the concentration of advantageous resources in advantageous enterprises. ; Establish a mining rights trading platform, set up strict access thresholds, implement the integration of mining, selection and addition, strictly limit the new simple mining enterprises, and let the extensive operation, low-tech and low-value-added enterprises withdraw; The limited resources are "eaten and squeezed out", research policies to promote and support the development and utilization of low-grade mineral resources; establish a mechanism for balancing interests, improve the concentration and intensity of mineral exploration and development, lengthen the industrial chain, and expand the industrial cluster.