'alarm' issued by major mineral resource countries

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Mineral resources are an important material basis for economic and social development, said vice premier zeng peiyan in a recent report delivered at the 25th meeting of the 10th NPC standing committee. China is a large country of mineral resources, but its resource endowment is poor and per capita occupancy is not high. The relative shortage of some important resources has become a long-term restricting factor for China's economic development. The ecological environment for safe production in mines is facing a serious situation. This is a "warning" for building a resource-conserving, environment-friendly and harmonious society.

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy, China has made some achievements in the exploitation, utilization, protection and management of mineral resources. Among the major mineral resources, the proven reserves of more than 70 percent of them have not increased, especially the ratio of oil reserves to production is only 14 to 1, far lower than the world average of 40 to 1. Second, the utilization rate of mineral resources is low. The comprehensive utilization rate of resources is only about 30%, and the energy consumption is high. Third, the order of mineral resources exploitation is quite chaotic. In some places, illegal exploration, illegal mining and the destruction of resources are serious problems. In some places, officials and businessmen collude, trade for power and money, approve and approve resources beyond their authority, and make huge profits illegally. In particular, coal mining enterprises are prone to safety accidents, which cause great losses to the lives and property of the state and the people. Fourth, the mining system has serious drawbacks. Over the years, the mining right can be obtained free of charge, leading to enterprises do not cherish resources or cause the arbitrary loss of resources and great waste, and the formation of macro-control "passive" and supervision and management of the "out of control" situation.

I have been working in local governments for many years, and what impressed me most is that a considerable part of the rapid economic development in some places has been developed by relying on "resources" and "future generations". It not only violates the law of economic development, but also does not meet the essential requirements of scientific development and sustainable development. This kind of blind development, "only for 'immediate glory', regardless of 'future desolation'", will undoubtedly bring disaster to the country and people in the end, and the construction of a "harmonious society" will also be empty talk. So, how does ability revive "mineral resource great country" heroic wind? In the author's opinion, we should take the following measures:

The first is to recover the right to examine and approve mineral resources. The phenomenon of "indiscriminate approval" or "excessive examination and approval" in local areas is mainly caused by the above "decentralization" and the expansion of local "autonomy". Second, the examination and approval procedures must be strictly followed. Because mineral resource concerns national economy and people's livelihood and zoology safety, not be general economy project. We must, in accordance with the requirements of national industrial policy adjustment and planning, limit the scale and quantity, in line with the principle of optimizing the industrial structure, allocate resources in a scientific way, prevent blind starts, and put an end to indiscriminate private mining. Third, we will resolutely close down mining enterprises that do not have conditions for safe production and do not conform to industrial policies, and severely punish those that violate production regulations. Fourth, we will severely crack down on "collusion between government officials and business" and cut off the "power-money transaction" interest chain. This is fundamental, fundamental, crucial. Due to the frequent "vicious mining accidents" in coal mining enterprises in recent years, the Chinese people have thoroughly seen the huge disaster brought by "collusion between the government and the coal" to the country and the people. Only by rooting out this "total scourge" of corruption can we prop up the blue sky of safe production in mines and maintain a civilized and harmonious economic order in mines. Fifth, strengthen supervision and improve supervision mechanism.

Departments in charge of supervision and administration of mines at all levels must stand upright and carry out supervision and inspection with integrity. Don't be a "hands-off shopkeeper" who does nothing. Don't "connivance" with illegal mines. Local government officials, in particular, should be clean and self-disciplined and not act as "umbrella" or "black backer" for illegal mines. Sixth, must establish the scientific development "the ruling idea". With the concept of scientific development is suggested the development of local economy, global dispel distortion "achievement", the scientific development of mineral resources, rational utilization and protection of resources and ecological security construction, like the eye, cherish life, organized in a planned way to governance and rectification, maximize the elimination of unsafe hidden trouble, make mine real reasonably "silver" and "golden hill". Only in this way can we provide a strong material guarantee and a safe environment for the construction of a harmonious society.