Rare earths are minerals that the world is short of

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All the countries around the world every year and to upgrade the aircraft and military tactics do certain adjustment, but in the improvement of precision weapons will need a material as a technology advance support, that is the lack of the world but only occupies most of the mineral resources in China, the rare earth resources, distribution range in China occupies about thirty percent of the global occupy.


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Without rare earth resources as materials, it is difficult to achieve the improvement of industrial level. As long as the design of advanced equipment is improved, the participation of rare earth materials is necessary. Patriot missile equipment can easily defeat the missile because of the improvement of materials based on a variety of rare earth elements.


The aircraft has a variety of rare earth resources involved in the design and integration, can reach a distance of four kilometers tracking, in the night of the operation of the dog to complete the night detection, can track the Iraqi army's various operations, timely response information to make appropriate tactical adjustments.


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All of supersonic navigation ability and strong mobility are rare earths support to implement, not only can the fastest most accurate is to attack enemy aircraft, if inadequate combustion during the voyage of the titanium alloy was enough to destroy the aircraft itself, power is generally difficult to control, so to ensure the skilled operation techniques in use.


One of the most famous long-range missile systems in the United States is one that not only has a reduced weight but is able to directly identify the specific location of the target and the specific location of the target within a range of 300 kilometers.


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China is the country with the largest distribution of rare earth resources. This precious resource needs to be fully and correctly used and cannot be blinded by other countries' high prices. We should face up to the global shortage of resources.