Cross-regional cases in Jiangsu pilot provinces can be filed at home

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75-year-old Liu Hongxin, who lives in Yandu District, Yancheng, came to the Yandu District Court to file a complaint against the environmental protection department for wrong punishment. More than 60 kilometers away, the Dongtai Court, which has jurisdiction over such cases, soon received the lawsuit materials. , and accepted the administrative lawsuit.

Cross-regional filing of cases will become the norm in our province in the future. The Higher People's Court of Jiangsu Province announced on the 18th that it will carry out cross-domain filing and litigation services in the courts of the province from May. No matter which court in the province has jurisdiction, the parties can choose the court at their door to submit the filing materials.

Cross-regional filing, Yancheng has been exploring since last year. Zhang Tingting, president of the case filing division of the Provincial High Court, introduced that Yancheng has a large area, and people often need to travel back and forth to file a case. Since May last year, the two-level courts in Yancheng have fully implemented "cross-regional filing". All parties in the 6 counties, 3 districts and 1 city within their jurisdiction can choose the relevant court to file a case according to their own domicile, and the court will use the online filing system to help file a lawsuit. The materials are submitted to a court with jurisdiction, which greatly reduces the burden of litigation for the parties.

In March this year, the Supreme People's Court decided to pilot a cross-domain filing and litigation service mechanism within the courts of seven provinces and cities for a period of one year. As one of the pilot projects, from May 1, the Jiangsu Higher Court will expand to the whole province across regions. At present, Jiangsu courts have fully launched online case filing. Based on its own work characteristics, the provincial court closely integrated the cross-domain case filing and litigation services with the online case filing work, and clarified the respective service scopes of the online case filing system and the cross-domain case filing system. According to Wang Chun, Deputy Chief Judge of the Case Filing Division of the Provincial Higher Court, in order to ensure the smooth development of the "cross-domain filing", the Jiangsu Higher Court has formulated an overall work plan, put forward specific requirements for personnel, technology, and equipment guarantees for this work, and held a full-scale meeting. Provincial court cross-domain case filing business training. At the same time, the provincial courts are required to set up a cross-domain case filing window in the litigation service center, and announce the service scope and work flow by means of electronic display screens.

In addition to carrying out "cross-regional case filing" in the province, the work of exploring cross-provincial case filing has also been initiated. On May 5, the Nanjing Gulou District Court and the Quanzhou Quangang District Court of Fujian Province successfully connected the cross-domain filing materials for the case of the plaintiff Zheng v. the defendant Nanjing Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Cases filed by courts inside and outside the province across borders and different places were successfully filed.