The pilot project of rare earth mineral reserves delineates Baotou and increases price control

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The reporter learned yesterday that the Ministry of Land and Resources recently organized an expert seminar on national strategic reserves of mineral deposits. The meeting stated that my country will soon launch the research and implementation of strategic reserves of mineral deposits, and the first batch of pilot projects of mineral deposits will focus on coal and rare earth resources. It is reported that the pilot project of the strategic reserve of rare earth mining areas is set in Baotou, mainly involving enterprises such as Baotou Steel Rare Earth. 

Rare earth status is improved

It is reported that since last year, Baotou Steel Rare Earth has started a feasibility study on the strategic reserve project. According to the research plan, the company will build 10 rare earth oxide storage facilities, and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Baotou City and Baotou Steel (Group) will give the company a part of the discount accordingly. The discount amount is about 30 million yuan per year for a period of two years. .

The main rare earth ore raw materials of Baotou Iron and Steel come from Baotou Iron and Steel's mining area in Bayan Obo, Inner Mongolia. An insider from the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association revealed to reporters that due to the large amount of iron ore mined by Baotou Steel, the associated rare earth ore production is large. However, due to the country's quota restrictions on rare earth production, Baotou Steel's rare earth production capacity cannot be expanded accordingly. "The pilot and interest discounts this time can be understood as the state handing over the purchase and storage work originally carried out by the government to the leading enterprises in the industry, and the state will increase its support accordingly. This has a negative impact on Baosteel's position in the industry. It is also a further improvement," the person said.

Increase price control

It is reported that the state's research on the reserves of rare earth and other strategic mineral resources began in May 2007, and after four years, there has been substantial progress so far. National Securities analyst Guan Jianxin told reporters that the strategic reserve of minerals is mainly based on the consideration of avoiding excessive exploitation and waste of resources, balancing the intergenerational distribution of resources, and increasing price control for some strategic resources. my country is the country with the most abundant rare earth resources in the world and the largest exporter of rare earths. But for many years, it has been stuck in a situation of over-exploitation, low utilization rate and low added value of products. The substantial advancement of the strategic reserve work will be beneficial to the rare earth industry.

In addition, the reserve products will further control the market supply and circulation, and the amount of reserves is large, which has far-reaching significance for the improvement of the market supply and demand relationship.

According to the financial report, in the first quarter of this year, Baotou Steel Rare Earth's net profit was 125 million yuan. In 2009, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deducting non-recurring gains and losses was 12.586 million yuan.